Our Commitment to A Higher Quality

At Adaptive Health, we invest careful thought, the latest innovations, stringent science, and rigorous clinical research throughout all facets of product development.

We work closely with our Medical Advisory Board to review and guide the process—from concept to creation.

We partner with reputable, verified and trusted suppliers of the highest quality ingredients available.

And we deliver market-driven, industry-leading products in their respective categories.

In other words… our brands are built to last.

The Science Behind the Supplements

All our supplements are formulated using trusted and vetted scientific findings. Adaptive Health has a dedicated Science and Quality Control team that stays at the forefront of the industry in terms of researching ingredient clinical data.

This ensures each ingredient is carefully chosen, based on clinical research and published studies that demonstrate maximum safety and efficacy.

Our formulations include these ingredients at the exact dosages that were shown to be effective in the research studies. While some supplement brands might skimp on ingredients and dosages, we engineer our products to attain the highest quality standards possible.

Our formulas are safe, non-habit forming and drug-free and work in harmony with your body. They contain only the ingredients you need and nothing you don’t. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or hidden ingredients— just full transparency.

Now that’s quality you can trust.

Quality Control at Every Stop Along the Way

It wasn’t good enough to develop great formulations with the best ingredients.

Where supplements are made is just as important as how.

That is why all our manufacturing takes place in an FDA registered, GMP-compliant, and third party audited facilities. We take great pride in using NSF certified facilities in the United States to manufacture our products at the high standards that consumers deserve.

We also take raw material and finished product testing very seriously. We rigorously test the ingredients before putting them into the products our customers know and love. We take this a step further, testing our finished products internally and externally by independent third party labs.

We’ve found that this is the best way to ensure optimum safety, maximum purity, and proper potency…

To deliver the quality life you deserve.